We need a moment of Grace and Peace. Tea is healing. It's the time to meditat, reflect & daydream. It's the time to share. We welcome you to the SP Loves Tea Collections. To a moment of Tranquility & Elegance.

We offer 6 house blend Teas with focus on Harmony, Bliss, Serenity and Quiet Elegance. The blending is inspired by our daily life experience. The "Zen Garden" is created with the image of a garden in Kyoto. The red rooibos and blueberries brings us a creamy & sweet flavors, so we make the "Happiness". The "Blossom" likes we are dancing in a flower garden. All our teas are created with Love and Passion.

All the Tea Tin patterns are originally designed by us with our SP Collection Fabric Prints.

SP Tea Collection
Blossom 花舞
Zen Garden 靜庭
Beautiful Morning 好日
My Lady 美
Happiness 喜悅
Relax & Smile 樂活