關琬潼 Shadow Kwan

· Brand Creative Director
· Founder of Gourmet & Lifestyle Brands
· Culinary Art & Ikebana Floral Artist


“設計是融會旅遊、音樂、時尚、植物世界回憶的過程。 創作品牌源於希望表達對美食、茶藝、花藝的情感、態度、回憶。每次創作,是自我跟內心的對話,透過美食、花藝、生活設計表達美、喜和愛是此生的追求…“

Founder of SP Creative Studio, SP Flower & Tea Room, SP Dance & Co-founder of Cookies Quartet, Smile Yogurt, Sui An & BU Dining. She is one of the most famous Food Stylists in Hong Kong since 2006, a Culinary, Ikebana & Oriental Tea Artists and a Writer as well. She blends her passion, culinary art with her memories, exploring the sense of aesthetic through food creations and lifestyle design. She infuses all of her creations with Bliss, Love & Beauty.