Simply Pleasure

傳遞單純 喜悅的生活

和 – Harmony
悅 – Bliss
靜 – Serenity
雅 – Quiet Elegance

SP is a brand inspired by our lifelong passion of the art of flower, tea and oriental aesthetic. We infuses a sense of Harmony, Bliss, Serenity & Quiet Elegant into our creations of food, teas, flowers & lifestyle, delighting your senses and bring you Bliss . Love . Beauty.


SP Philosophy
Love . Love & Passion is infused into our creations
Beauty . Our Aesthetic Sense is inspired by oriental beauty
Bliss . We bring happiness to our guests
Poetic . We express our ideas and memories in a poetic way
Colour We make everything delightful with colour
Nature . SP Creations are inspired by nature . flower . tea