In Praise of Beauty
A Natural & Quiet Elegant Life Style

和 – Harmony
悅 – Bliss
靜 – Serenity
雅 – Quiet Elegance


SP - Simply Pleasure

SP shares the simple beauty & pleasure of life through the art of food, floral and clothing design.

SP believes that Beauty is in our daily life.  Our passion for beauty extended to food,   flower & lifestyle design.   Our mission is to infuse our oriental aesthetic sense and concept of Harmony, Serenity, Simplicity, Happiness and Quiet elegance to the world of food, floral and life style, sharing a better and more beautiful life through our design, gourmet shop, boutique and books.

SP – 分享衣、食、住、行五感生活美學


透過設計及創立不同品牌,分享 和 - Harmony、靜 – Serenity、淡 - Simplicity、樂 – Happiness、雅 – Quiet Elegance的東方生活美學。